CLI Password Reset

In the event of total password lock and unavailability of the application for all administrative users, the password can be reset via the CLI:

.Jube.CLI -cs "<Insert Database Connection String>" -urpr <Insert Password Salt> <Insert User Name> <Insert New Password> 

The parameters for the function -urpr are as follows:

Parameter Description Example Value
Salt The PasswordHashingKey Environment Variable ExtraSuperSecretRandomKey
User Name The user name to be reset. Administrator
Password The new password to set for the user name. StrongPassword

As following example (noting the -cs requires the database connection string as parameter which has been wrapped by double quotation given the necessary presence of the space character in the string):

.Jube.CLI -cs "Host=;Database=test;Username=postgres;Password=secret;Pooling=true;Minimum Pool Size=0;Maximum Pool Size=100;" -urpr ExtraSuperSecretRandomKey Administrator StrongPassword

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