CLI Concepts

The Command Line Interface (CLI) is a basic console application that is intended to provide administrative functions from the terminal. This will develop over time and is intended as a more disciplined means of delivering functionality that would otherwise be SQL (noting a preference to the use of ORMs in code).

The CLI allows for instructions to be chained and passed in a fluent manner. In the CLI functions are switches denoted with a - character followed by the shorthand name of the function, thereafter following the functions parameters.

The following functions exist:

Function Name Description
-cs Connection String Set connection string for the database in the session. Most functions will require the database connection string to be set, hence it should be placed first as a matter of routine.
-urpr User Registry Password Reset A function to reset the password for a user given knowledge of the hashing key.

If a parameter necessarily contains space characters that cannot safely be removed, wrap the parameter in double quotations, as follows wrapping the parameter to the -cs function:

.Jube.CLI -cs "Host=;Database=test;Username=postgres;Password=secret;Pooling=true;Minimum Pool Size=0;Maximum Pool Size=100;" -urpr ExtraSuperSecretRandomKey Administrator StrongPassword

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